Company profile:

EnviTec Biogas: Everything from a single source

Based in Lohne and Saerbeck, Germany, EnviTec Biogas AG is one of the leading suppliers and operators of biogas and gas upgrading plants. As an all-rounder, we cover the entire value chain for biogas production and upgrading: from planning and project management to turnkey construction and operational management. We also offer biological and technical service. Our customer-focused construction has set new standards in the market. EnviTec plants are able to generate clean energy from any input material, from organic waste and liquid or solid manure through to renewable resources. With about 500 employees in 16 countries working at our own subsidiaries, sales offices, strategic partners and joint ventures, EnviTec now maintains a presence worldwide. We have also developed some of the market’s most pioneering technologies. This applies to biogas upgrading using EnviThan membrane technology, which produces biomethane of natural gas quality.

Business activities at EnviTec Biogas are handled by four divisions that are closely interconnected from a strategic, technical and economic perspective. In 2011, our original segments of plant construction, company-owned operations and service were expanded to include the direct marketing of upgraded biomethane as well as green power and balancing energy.

Contact person:

Stefan Laumann, Head of Gas upgrading
E-Mail: f.ynhznaa@raivgrp-ovbtnf.qr
Telephone: +49 2574 8888 891

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