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REDcert – Your partner for sustainability certifications

REDcert was founded on 26 February 2010 by leading associations and organisations of the German agricultural and biofuel sectors.

For over 10 years, REDcert's core area of expertise has been the design, development and provision of sustainability certification schemes for various sectors.
REDcert currently offers three schemes for sustainability certification: REDcert-DE, REDcert-EU and REDcert².
With the creation and recognition of the scheme of the same name in July 2010 (today the REDcert-DE scheme), the economic groups affected in Germany assumed joint responsibility for actively promoting biofuels and liquid biomass certified as sustainable.

In contrast to the REDcert-DE scheme, the REDcert-EU scheme is recognised throughout the EU and, with more than 1,400 participants from over 25 countries, is now one of the leading certification schemes for sustainable biomass, biofuels and biofuels in Germany and Europe.
By diversifying REDcert’s activities, new business areas have been created in recent years. With the REDcert² scheme, REDcert has also been a reliable partner for sustainability certification in the food and feed industry and the chemical industry since 2015.

In the chemical industry in particular, the REDcert² scheme creates new marketing opportunities for companies and improves their market access. The REDcert² scheme enables chemical companies to also make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gases and conserving resources.

REDcert will be represented at the 18th International Conference for Renewable Mobility 2021 for the 7th time as a Gold Partner. In the past, REDcert presented its certification services to conference participants and provided an overview of current issues and developments in the area of sustainability certification in various discussion forums. The conference is a central platform for REDcert to share information with its scheme participants and certification bodies and to discuss current issues with representatives of the European biofuel industry.


Contact person:

Hilke Kahn
PR and Communication
E-Mail: uvyxr.xnua@erqpreg.qr
Telephone: +49 228 3506107

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