"Fuels of the Future" 2021! - Reminder Early Bird Rate – 18th International Congress on Renewable Mobility

With more than 60 speakers and a total of 15 thematically different modular sessions, the next conference will offer a thematic diversity that shows practically all options for a step-by-step decarbonization of energy sources and energy carriers and thus the gradual transformation of drives towards climate neutrality. Practically every mode of transport as well as the different drive concepts, sustainable raw material sources for the generation of the required energy quantities will be considered in the conference program. This is a special unique selling point of this conference and shows also in its now 18 years of history the breadth in the development, which is finally the topic of the respective lectures.

The thematic diversity of the conference today is therefore also a reflection of the many successful initiatives in research and development of the companies concerned, often in close cooperation with the business community, and also an indicator of successful research funding from public funds.

In the politically necessary promotion and discussion with the aim of orienting the energy turnaround in transport as promptly and efficiently as possible, the circles concerned are basically in agreement. The controversial issues are rather the question of "how" and "when" to visibly and effectively promote climate protection in transport now, in view of the enormous time pressure, instead of relying on alternative energy sources and carriers, which may only become effective when it is too late for climate protection itself. Here, the biofuel industry in Germany and Europe today calls for an appropriate balance, consideration, and participation. After all, the 1.5-degree target specifies the need for prioritization and can only be created as a jointly understood challenge. These and other critical aspects are the subject of the political sessions organized at the beginning of the conference.

These questions are likely to be discussed against the background of the German Council Presidency, which has just ended at the beginning of the conference, in the sense of a first balance.

Therefore, we would like to remind you right now that the option of using the early bird discount for registration at the 18th International Conference on Renewable Mobility expires on November 30, 2020.

570,00 € Early bird rate for bookings until 30.11.2020
750,00 € for booking from 01.12.2020

Further information and registration under: www.fuels-of-the-future.com

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