Climate neutrality with e-fuels and green hydrogen

Water, air or heavy-duty transport: Renewable fuels should be usable in all areas in the future. Feasible? Yes. On the second day of the "Fuels of the Future" congress, experts from science and practice will explain exactly how, using pilot projects.

The second day of the 19th International Digital Fuel Congress shifts the focus to synthetic fuels. They have the potential to gradually replace fossil fuels and enable a climate-neutral traffic turnaround. Speakers will shed light on potential applications, competitiveness and possible incentives for the use of e-fuels, green hydrogen and biodiesel as a fuel mix in 12 presentations on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

The first session of the day is dedicated to "E-Fuels: "Examples of R&D on the way into practice." E-fuels are produced using electricity generated entirely from renewable sources. Both gaseous fuels, also called power-to-gas, and liquid (power-to-liquid) fuels can be produced. These are used primarily where battery operation is impossible. Speakers will explain how they can be used, for example, in air or heavy-duty transport in the topic block.

Those who want to know how grey, climate-damaging hydrogen can be exchanged for a climate-friendly variant will join the subsequent session on "Green Hydrogen”. How the German government's hydrogen strategy can be achieved and what applications green hydrogen has in the transport sector are the main topics of the second session of the day. Innovative production processes will also be discussed. Current examples from practical projects illustrate the content.

It is obvious that a complete switch from fossil to renewable fuels cannot be realized overnight. For the transition, higher proportions of biofuels can be blended into vehicle tanks as a climate mitigation option that is already available now. The requirements placed on biodiesel, its suitability for use in hybrid vehicles, and how biodiesel can meet future emissions legislation requirements will be explained in the thematic block "Biodiesel research - boosting the potential for higher blending levels now!”.

The second day of the congress starts at 9:00 a.m. on January 25, 2022. The three sessions will each consist of four presentations. At the end of each presentation, participants can address questions to the speakers. Early bird tickets for the congress with a discount of up to 180 euros can be purchased until November 30, 2021. The complete program and further information on more than 60 speakers can be found at

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