In less than 2 weeks, the 18th International Conference on Renewable Mobility "Fuels of the Future" will open its digital doors from 18-22-01 2021 - Register now!

In the past year, politicians have done a lot for climate protection: the European Green Deal, the German Climate Protection Act, billions in investments in research and development. Nevertheless, in view of burning forests from California to Siberia, the question arises: Climate protection - are we running out of time? Representatives from politics, business and science will discuss this issue at the International Conference on Renewable Mobility "Fuels of the Future".

The conference "Fuels of the Future 2021" will take place as a 5-day series of events from 18 - 22 January 2021. Each event day will consist of three sessions. Your advantage: the digital event format now allows you to participate in all sessions of the congress. As usual, the digital congress will be held in two languages (German-English).

In high-profile opening plenary session, Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer, will address strategies and measures for decarbonising the transport sector that have been launched by his ministry and the Federal Government during the German Council Presidency. One important strategy at the European level is promotion of hydrogen, which experts believe is already likely to play a greater role in the post-2030 period. The Federal Minister of Transport is supporting this event as conference patron.

Artur Auernhammer, Chairman of the Board, German Bioenergy Association (BBE), the main conference organiser, will open the conference by welcoming participants. He will examine the role of biofuels in future mobility; in contrast to electricity-based fuels such as hydrogen, biodiesel and bioethanol have been established on the market for years and will play an indispensable part in climate-change mitigation in the period up to 2030.

This raises the question of which priorities should be set to reduce emissions from road transport. Considering the issues from the perspective of the German Association of the Automobile Industry (VDA), Hildegard Müller VDA President will explore whether the automotive industry prefers biofuels, e-fuels or e-cars with a view to mitigating climate change.

One key question in this context is who will shoulder the cost. Karsten Schulze, TEO, General German Automobile Association (ADAC), tackles this consideration, in the process also evaluating national and EU biofuel policy.

By way of conclusion, Prof. Dr. Thomas Willner from the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg explains the amazingly simple mathematics of climate-change mitigation and asks the provocative question: What are we waiting for?

Elmar Baumann, Managing Director, German Biofuels Industry Association (VDB), is the moderator for this session.

The complete programme, information on registration and the exhibitor forum can be found at

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