RED II – Increasingly Stringent Sustainability Standards

20 December 2019

Biofuels in the context of international climate protection commitments?

With the entry into force of the recast European Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), biofuels from cultivated biomass, residues, and waste oils or fats must meet additional, stricter requirements concerning proof of sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction. Member States of the European Union must transpose these provisions into national law by June 2021. Consumers, as well as politicians, are often unaware of the significance and scope of these requirements. Criticism is directed primarily to biofuels from cultivated biomass, rather than these statutory requirements also being transferred to other applications, such as material use of renewable resources or the food industry. In the context of the Paris Agreement, a "level playing field" for sustainable biomass for energetic use is vital, particularly at the international level, in order to increase its potential for the energy transition in the transport sector.

This context forms the backdrop to presentations in the forum "Sustainability - increasingly stringent standards" at the 17th International Conference on Renewable Mobility, which will be held on 20th/21st January 2020 in Berlin.

GHG reduction obligation pursuant to COP25 - objectives and current status of implementation in European and German law
Stefan Groos, BRAHMS, GROOS & Kollegen, Lawyers

Energy transition in the transport sector- what contribution must "greenhouse-gas-reduced" fuels make?
Dr. Thomas Kuchling, The University of Resources (Technische Universität Bergakademie) Freiberg

How delegated acts within the framework of RED II affect the European low carbon industry
Dr. Theodor Goumas, ART Fuels Forum / CEO Exergia S.A.

Biofuels between the conflicting demands of bioenergy and the transport sector transition - sustainability evaluation for various potential biomass applications
Julia Streitz, RWTH AACHEN UNIVERSITY, Unit of Technologies of Fuels

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