Session 11: Biofuels in Shipping – An Alternative for Climate Change Mitigation

Session 11: Biofuels in Shipping – An Alternative for Climate Change Mitigation

Heavy fuel oil is still the decisive energy source powering international shipping. Its disadvantages as one of the main causes of air pollution in ports and a source of greenhouse gas emissions put pressure on shipping companies and ship operators to develop sustainable alternative fuels with low pollutant levels and low greenhouse gas emissions.  There has essentially been pressure to act on this front since the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997. You could say that there is a very long braking distance when it comes to climate change mitigation, as is also the case when ships are sailing. Many alternatives have nevertheless been discussed in recent years. Which of these alternatives might have a chance of a broad-based market launch today and which sustainable feedstocks could meet demand for the requisite volumes? Those are the topics that will be addressed in the presentations in the “Biofuels in Shipping” session at the 18th International Conference, which will be held as a digital event from 18th to 22nd January 2021.

Presentations by experts:

- The fuel challange in shipping – safer, smarter, greener; Dr. Fabian Kock, DNV GL - Maritime
- New biofuels for marine transport; Rianne de Vries, GoodFuels. Better world.
- Marine fuels from pyrolysis of bio-waste and esterified with higher alcohols – the
project „PyroMar“; Dr. Ulrike Schümann, Rostock University
- IDEALFUEL – renewable maritime fuels with lignin as a feedstock; Dr. Wilfried Plum, OWI Science for Fuels gGmbH

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Bert Buchholz, Rostock University, CIMAC Deutschland Presidenta

The complete programme, information on registration and the exhibitor forum can be found at

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