Session 15 - 18th International Conference on renewable Mobility

Session 15: International Biofuel Trading

At the digital edition of the Conference for Renewable Mobility “Fuels of the Future"” from 18th to 22nd January 2021, one session will focus on current issues and future prospects concerning international biofuel trading. As an admixture to petrol or as an unblended fuel, bioethanol is the most widely used biofuel worldwide. Biodiesel and its feedstocks are also traded globally. On the last day of the conference, the global biofuel trade will therefore take centre stage in a session with experts and analysts from international companies. Topics explored will include global ethanol markets. The future market potential of biofuels from waste and the impact of the European Green Deal on biofuel markets in Europe will also be presented and discussed.

The following presentations will be included in the session “International Biofuel Trading” on 22nd January 2021 from 2.30 p.m.

Brian Healy, Director of Global Ethanol Market Development at the US Grains Council will address the role of the USA on the global ethanol market in his presentation. 

Ethanol markets of the future with a particular focus on Asia will subsequently be addressed by Geraldine Gilmartin from Green Pool Commodities. Trade in ethanol is expected to become highly prominent in the Asian region in future. 

Waste and residues are set to play a growing role in future production of renewable fuels across Europe. Jean-Lous Kindler, CEO of Ways2H, a leading commercial supplier of waste-to-hydrogen solutions for mobility and network applications, will therefore offer an appraisal of the market outlook for biofuels from waste.

Closing the session, Cornelius Claeys from Stratas Advisors will address the impact of the European Green Deal on prospects for the European biofuels industry in coming decades The Green Deal will significantly alter the regulatory framework for renewable fuels in years to come.

Session 15 “International Biofuel Trading” will be moderated by Torsten Weidemann, German Bioethanol Industry Association (BDBe).

The complete programme, information on registration and the exhibitor forum can be found at

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