Program overview 18th to 22th January 2021

MONDAY, 18.01.2021
TUESDAY, 19.01.2021
WEDNESDAY, 20.01.2021

Monday, 18th January 2021

  1. 1
    Climate protection - are we running out of time?
  2. 2
    Implementation of the European requirements in national law (RED II, FQD,)
  3. 3
    New aspects of sustainability

Tuesday, 19th January 2021

  1. 4
    E-fuels – Competitiveness of PTx fuels today and tomorrow
  2. 5
    Bioethanol - recognising and using its potential
  3. 6
    Biodiesel - research ensures market survival

Wednesday, 20th January 2021

  1. 7
    Biomethane as a fuel: gaseous, liquid and sustainable!
  2. 8
    Biomass potentials between desire and reality
  3. 9
    Biofuels from waste and residues

THURSDAY, 21.01.2021
FRIDAY, 22.01.2021

Thursday, 21th January 2021

  1. 10
    Advanced Alternative Fuels – Technology Options and Investments
  2. 11
    Biofuels in the shipping industry
  3. 12
    Biofuels in the aviation industry

Friday, 22th January 2021

  1. 13
    Biofuels in agriculture and forestry
  2. 14
    Biomethane worldwide: legal framework, incentives, success stories
  3. 15
    International biofuel trading

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