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Sustainable Fuels is dedicated to the responsible production, usage and promotion of clean, high quality, high-efficiency petrol components.

Sustainable Fuels bring together producers of MTBE | BIO-MTBE | BIO-ETBE | TAME | BIO-TAME | BIO-TAEE.

Sustainable Fuels supports and disseminates state-of-the art scientific research on the benefits and impact of fuel ethers on vehicle performance, health and the environment and advocates for science-based policymaking, through active cooperation with all stakeholders: regulators, legislators, industry, NGOs and the academic community. Sustainable Fuels also supports global activities to improve communication on the efficiency and cost effectiveness of transport.


Contact person:

Olga Sicora
E-Mail: bfv@prsvp.or
Telephone: + 32 494488084

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