Berlin, 18.01.2016

Introducing a greenhouse gas reduction obligation for fuels throughout Europe and achieving continuous increases of the quota in Germany until 2020

During the international conference “Fuels of the Future”, the German biofuel industry promotes the introduction of a European-wide GHG reduction obligation for fuels and calls for enhanced climate protection on the basis of continuous increases of the existing GHG reduction quota in Germany until 2020. More than 500 participants from over 30 countries have followed the invitation launched by......

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Bonn, 22.12.2015

Thematic focus: Decarbonization in the transport sector through biofuels

With the Paris climate agreement, the international community is sending a strong signal with regard to the decarbonization of the global economy. The resolution for transforming an energy economy dominated by fossil energy sources into one based on renewable energy sources was agreed upon at the end of the last week. The decision has a particular effect for the transport sector, which continues......

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Bonn, 07.12.2015

Thematic focus biomethane - what are the opportunities?

Biomethane from residual and waste materials has a particularly positive GHG balance and today already a convenient and broad infrastructure available in gas-powered vehicles. These good auspices notwithstanding, the success story of biomethane as a fuel has only just begun; biomethane continues to be a niche application among the fuels of the future. Many administrative hurdles and the......

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Berlin, 27.11.2015

France is the Partner Country of the 13th International Conference on Biofuels – “Fuels of the Future”

The nomination of France as the partner country is a special highlight of the 13th International Conference “Fuels of the Future” which will be held in Berlin from 18 - 19 January 2016. France is Germany's most important partner when it comes to biofuels in petrol and diesel. French bioethanol producers have a clear leadership position in the European Union due to continuously increasing sales of......

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Berlin, 26.11.2015

Biodiesel: Technical innovations, regulatory challenges and prospects

As part of the 13th International Conference “Fuels of the Future”, the biodiesel forum will focus on regulatory aspects around the use of biodiesel and give an overview of the development prospects from a technological point of view. “We have put together a diverse programme, in which we will present technical innovations and take a look at the regulatory challenges of the past and those lying......

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