Bonn, 25.10.2017

15th International Congress for Renewable Mobility "Fuels of the Future 2018" discusses the future of the combustion engine!

Catchphrases like Dieselgate, traffic bans and defeat devices shape current debate on diesel engines, and the combustion engine's future is called into question. Which diesel and petrol engines are future-proof, reflecting the spirit of sustainable, low-emission mobility? What role can the transport sector play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by circa 40 per cent by 2030 with a view to......

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Bonn, 26.09.2017

Full programme available!

The programme of the 15th International Conference on Renewable Mobility “Fuels of the Future” is now available for you at[MI-JA1] . On behalf of the co-organizers, the Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants (UFOP), the German Bioethanol Industry Association (BDBe), the Association of the German Biofuels Industry (VDB) and the German Biogas Association......

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Hürth, 20.09.2017

Conference on CO2 as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemicals and Polymers: Save the Date - März 2018

nova-Institute will present the 6th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers in March 2018. The conference is known to focus on the most exciting and relevant topics in the area of CO2 utilization. This time, the main topics will be CO2 for feed and proteins, CO2 for platform chemicals and specialties as well as CO2 for aviation and for transportation fuels.......

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Bonn, 10.08.2017

Save the Date! - Already a lot of registred companies and institutions for "Fuels of the Future 2018"

The international conference will again address a diversity of topics in 2018 with an expanded conference program including also electric mobility. Specific topics and challenges will be discussed in parallel forums following the plenary lectures and panels: Renewable Energy Directive (RED)Renewable mobility in Europe: Prospects and framework conditionsBiodiesel – Drive and engine technological......

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Bonn, 02.05.2017

Call for papers and exhibition offer available!

The 15th International Conference on Renewable Mobility “Fuels of the Future 2018” will be held on 22-23 January 2018, again in Berlin. The conference is organised by the German Bioenergy Association (BBE), the Union for the Promotion of Oil and Protein Plants (UFOP), the German  Bioethanol Industry Association (BDBe), the German Biofuel Industry Association (VDB) and the  German Biogas......

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