Berlin, 29.01.2018

Milestone for biodiesel production

MBT process for the economical production of biodiesel from waste oilsContract between PME BioLiquid, inaCHEM and REC Reliable EngineeringProduction plant in Wittenberge with a capacity of 60,000 tons / year Fewer process steps, simple process control and high yield: these are the strengths of the new MBT technology. Their use in a biodiesel production plant in Wittenberge was contractually......

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Berlin, 22.01.2018

International Conference on Renewable Mobility: Immediately making use of all available options to reach climate change objectives in transportation

The biofuel industry regrets the position adopted by the European Parliament concerning the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive. At the International Conference on Renewable Mobility, the industry criticises the Parliament’s intent to reduce sales of biofuels from crop biomass. A minimum content of 10 per cent of the fuels being derived from waste, residues, fuels from surplus power and......

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Berlin, 19.01.2018

Renewable Mobility in Europe – Setting the Current Political Agenda

On its first day, the 15th International Conference on Renewable Mobility will be opened by a discussion with Members of the European Parliament, as well as representatives from the European Commission and the German government, that will address setting the political agenda for renewable mobility in Europe. At the very heart of this topic is the recast of the Renewable Energies Directive (RED II)......

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Berlin, 21.12.2017

Electromobility - Questions and Answers from Politics and Industry

Experts from the world of politics and industry will appraise opportunities for action in electromobility implementation in a parallel forum at the 15th International Conference on Renewable Mobility. The forum will address various aspects of alternative power train technology. The German government’s initial plans envisaged a million electric cars on Germany’s roads by 2020. Spring 2017 saw the......

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Berlin, 15.12.2017

Barriers facing biomethane - the currently operational solution for climate-friendly mobility

Biomethane is one of the most efficient fuel alternatives to develop climate-neutral mobility, offering up to 90% CO2 savings. This climate-friendly drive solution is already readily available today. However, de facto the existing potential of biomethane as fuel is not fully exploited in Germany. So far, only 125 out of 900 CNG fuelling stations offer pure biomethane as a fuel. A further 100......

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