Berlin, 29.01.18

Milestone for biodiesel production

  • MBT process for the economical production of biodiesel from waste oils
  • Contract between PME BioLiquid, inaCHEM and REC Reliable Engineering
  • Production plant in Wittenberge with a capacity of 60,000 tons / year

Fewer process steps, simple process control and high yield: these are the strengths of the new MBT technology. Their use in a biodiesel production plant in Wittenberge was contractually agreed, as part of "Fuels of the Future", the 15th International Conference for Renewable Mobility of 22/23. January in Berlin.

One-step process

Three partners have joined forces and signed a corresponding contract at the congress. This makes it possible to use a methanol sulfonic acid-based production process invented by inaCHEM and developed by REC. The new technology reduces the previous process steps to a minimum. "The entire process in biodiesel production can be carried out by using a single chemical and a one-step process", explains Dr. Ing. Ralf Türck, CEO of REC GmbH, Stuttgart.

High flexibility

The new design makes it possible to produce biodiesel from waste oils with high profitability, as two plants in Ochsenfurt (D) and Mureck (A) have already proven. The high yield, the low investment costs, the compact plant layout and flexible capacity sizes are economically interesting.

"The MBT process allows for high raw material flexibility and ensures good biodiesel and glycerine qualities at maximum yields," says Karl-Heinz Restle, Managing Director of PME BioLiquid GmbH & Betriebs KG.

«Waste to value» concept

The process is being supported by Evonik Industries AG, which has been providing catalysts and additive solutions for the biodiesel industry for decades. The purchase of raw materials and the sale of the products are carried out exclusively and in close cooperation with the Tecosol Group, a biodiesel producer from Ochsenfurt.

The biodiesel production equipped with MBT technology follows the concept of "waste to value", a maxim that has been pursued by another partner and plant engineer from Switzerland, Renergon International AG, Lengwil, for some time.

Karl-Heinz Restle
PME BioLiquid GmbH
Mobile 0041 79 465 03 98

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