Berlin, 12.12.2019

Bioethanol expert forum - Identifying and exploiting potential

At the 17th "Fuels of the Future" International Conference on Renewable Mobility on 20th and 21st January 2020, numerous parallel forums will address the technical and economic requirements for future drive systems and fuels for motorised traffic, aviation and shipping. These requirements will also be examined against the backdrop of ambitious German and European climate protection targets.......

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Berlin, 09.12.2019

Putting Biomethane on the Road

The forum "Putting Biomethane on the Road", part of the programme of the 17th "Fuels of the Future" International Conference on Renewable Mobility, highlights the development path and successes of the biomethane fuel market in recent years. The focus of this forum is on the broad spectrum of biomethane applications in the mobility sector now and in the near future, along with the economic and......

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Berlin, 02.12.2019

Decarbonising Arable Farming - Contributing to International Climate Protection Thanks to Biofuels

The consequences of the 2018 and 2019 drought are immediately apparent in agriculture and forestry. These sectors, especially agriculture, are also part of the solution, as well as being directly affected. Rapeseed oil fuel and biomethane are ready for use in combination with today’s modern engine and exhaust gas treatment concepts. Technology development is hugely important internationally to......

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Berlin, 28.11.2019

Biomethane utilization accelerating in the transport sector

Usage of biomethane in the Germany as a transportation fuel is slowly picking up speed. This is clearly demonstrated by rising sales figures and rapid growth in new registrations of CNG vehicles. The binding obligation from 2021 for Member States to introduce minimum quotas for biofuels from waste and residues is a consequence of upcoming national implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive......

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Berlin, 25.11.2019

International Biofuels Trade

Auf dem 17. Internationalen Fachkongress für erneuerbare Mobilität „Kraftstoffe der Zukunft“ am 20. und 21. Januar 2020 in Berlin sind zahlreiche Parallelforen den technischen und wirtschaftlichen Anforderungen der künftigen Antriebe im Autoverkehr sowie in der Luft- und Schifffahrt gewidmet. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt ist der weltweite Biokraftstoff- und Agrarrohstoffhandel, der am zweiten Tag des......

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