Berlin, 06.12.2018

Fossil and Biofuel Research Safeguards Sales Markets

Biodiesel and bioethanol are by far the most important alternative sustainable fuels in Germany and the European Union, not only today, but also in the years ahead. In Germany alone, they contributed about 7.7 million t CO2 equivalent towards greenhouse gas reduction in 2017. These biofuels are also by far the most important alternative fuels for attaining national energy and climate protection......

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Berlin, 29.11.2018

Mobility amidst the conflicting priorities of climate protection, profitability and user acceptance

The transport sector must make a considerable and much more vigorous contribution to decarbonisation in order to achieve the Federal Government’s climate protection goals for 2030. Alongside established and novel biofuels, electromobility and other alternative fuels also play a major role. As the 16th International Conference on Renewable Mobility “Fuels of the Future” kicks off in Berlin from......

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Berlin, 20.11.2018

Advantages of high-octane fuels and new (bio) technologies in bioethanol production

At the 16th International Conference on Renewable Mobility, numerous parallel forums will focus on various technical and economic aspects of tomorrow's drive systems and the major challenges posed by ambitious climate protection targets. Bioethanol, the biofuel most widely used internationally as a blending or pure fuel, will be in the spotlight of a parallel forum with business and research......

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Berlin, 12.11.2018

Parallel-Forum: Biomethane in the transport sector

Biomethane’s importance in the transport sector is constantly increasing. This is reflected in the rising sales figures in many countries for this CO2-neutral fuel. Recognized by the EU and supported in many European countries, biomethane is enjoying a head wind when it comes to conquering fuel markets. This will be the opening topic of the workshop “Biomethane in the transport sector - an......

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Bonn, 29.10.2018

Fuels of the Future 2019 – Parallel Forum on Alternative Biofuels

Numerous parallel forums at the 16th International Congress on Renewable Mobility will address various technical and economic topics relating to powertrains of the future and the major challenges that arise from ambitious climate protection targets. Alternative biofuels will be the focus of a parallel forum with experts from Germany, Finland and England at 11.30 a.m on the second day of the......

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