11th International conference "Fuels of the future 2014" 11th International conference "Fuels of the future 2014"

Results of the survey - Perception of biofuels


The EU policy targets for the biofuel industry, particularly the planned inclusion of indirect land use change (ILUC) into the emission accounting, are of key relevance for the future of the industry. The survey addresses both the assessment of ILUC as well as the perception of the biofuel industry and the development prospects of different conversion paths. We received 235 answers with the following result.

Question 1

Will the general public soon come to recognize that an energy turnaround has to take place also in the traffic sector to meet the climate change targets for 2020 and that the use of biofuels will be essential for this?

Question 2

Is the importance of biofuels - including the mandatory sustainability certification - perceived as part of a bio-based economy in Germany?

Question 3

Will the introduction of ILUC factors ​​(iLUC = indirect land use change) as malus for European biofuels – and as proposed by the European Commission – prevent rain forest clearings or the destruction of peat bogs in other countries?


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11th International conference on biofuels "Fuels of the Future 2014"

20th-21st of January 2014

in Berlin


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