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Fuel security taggants, are environmentally-friendly chemicals, which can provide brand protection and product compliance against fuel-grade swapping and identify cases of adulteration such as dilution and smuggling. Using patented technology, taggants can be added at parts per billion levels to help protect fuel assets, ensure compliance and prevent the funding of criminal groups.

As biofuel utilisation will increase, substitution of these higher-priced components will arise. Whilst paper trails can provide some assurance, fuel security taggants are more comprehensive for auditing the final biofuel product and ensuring the fuel, sold to the retailers and general public, is compliant and performs as expected. Tracerco have developed a suite of fuel security taggants which are compatible with biofuels. The Tracerco Veritas hand-held devices can quantify parts per billion of unique markers in seconds to enable the identification of marked material.  We can customise fuel security programs to the needs of fuel suppliers and governments all over the world.

Safeguarding compliance for biofuels will result in implementing sophisticated supply chain systems than those traditionally used in the petroleum supply chain to trace the source of materials. This will not only safeguard producers’ product compliance but also provide brand protection. Producers will be able to trace their product from refineries to retailer distribution. Our cloud-based analysis solutions ensure that results are reported in real time so that they can be acted upon immediately.

Let us help you to protect your reputation via supply chain compliance.

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Sinem Stephenson
E-Mail: fvarz.fgrcurafba@genprepb.pbz

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