Climate Protection Targets in Transport between Aspiration and Reality: "Fuels of the Future 2024" on 22 & 23 January 2024 in Berlin

8 January 2024

under the motto: "Fuels of the Future 2024 - Navigator for Sustainable Mobility", the 21st International Conference on Renewable Mobility "Fuels of the Future", will take place from January 22-23, 2024, once again in the CityCube Berlin. We would like to draw your attention to the following current political issues in Session 1 "Climate protection targets in transport between aspiration and reality":

  • Sustainable Biofuels in Conflict between Climate Protection and Raw
    Material Availability
    Artur Auernhammer, Chairman of the Board, German Bioenergy Association (BBE)
  • The BMDV‘s Overall „Renewable Fuels“ Concept to promote the further development and market ramp-up of advanced biofuels and e-fuels
    Hartmut Höppner, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport
  • Greeting as a Video Message
    Adina Valean, Commissioner for Mobility and Transport (GD MOVE), European Commission
  • EU Initiative for Sustainable Mobility
    Jane Amilhat, European Commission, Head of Unit „Clean Transport Transitions
  • Fit for 55: Are the Climate Protection Targets Realistic And Achievable From The Automotive Industry‘s Point Of View?
    Dr. Marcus Bollig, German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)
  • Global Strategy to Defossilise the Fuel Mix
    Niels Anspach, VP biofuels value chain, BP Europe SE

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