Presentation of Parallel Session 4A-D

22 November 2023

Biofuels, e-fuels or advanced alternative fuels - there are many ways to make engines and therefore also transport environmentally friendly. The parallel sessions of Session 4 will also revolve around this question. On Tuesday, 23 January, the second day of the 21st International Conference "Fuels of the Future", four parallel sessions from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. will deal with questions relating to various alternative fuels. Representatives from research, industry and the ministries will have their say, as well as the participants, who will of course have the opportunity to ask questions and take part in discussions.

Session 4A will provide an overview of the current status of e-fuels and possible expectations. Zoe Stadler from the IEA Advanced Motor Fuels, Matthias Moras from Porsche AG, Martin Miller from Rolls-Royce-Systems and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Aigner from DLR will talk about progress, the current state of research and decarbonisation options.

In Session 4B, Freya Burton from Lanzatech Global Inc, Daniel Klüh from the Technical University of Munich, Prof. Dr. Thomas Garbe from Volkswagen AG, Rod Williams from the Convenor CEN E10+ Taskforce and Dr. Marko Babic from Robert Bosch GmbH will address issues such as technical and economic assessments of new ethanol production pathways and the benefits of alcohol-based fuels under the heading "Bioethanol - Exploiting the potential now".

In Session 4C, which is all about the international biofuel trade, Dr. Claus Keller from S&P Global, Dr. Norbert Schmitz from ISCC System GmbH, Patrick Lynch from Bioledger and Beike Sumfleth from the German Biomass Research Centre gGmbH will speak on topics such as UCO availability, the certification of sustainable fuels on the global markets and provide an outlook on the international biofuel markets.

The fourth parallel session, Session 4D, deals with the transfer of research on alternative fuels into practice. Here you can expect presentations by Daniel Vilela Oliveira from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection, Giulia Squadrin from Argus Media and Christian Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Sven Kureti and Dr. Paul Knüpfer from the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. The presentations will cover topics including the National Biomass Strategy NABIS, renewable fuels in aviation, synthetic petrol and hydrogen-treated biofuels.

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