Presentation of Parallel Session 6A-D

6 December 2023

Green hydrogen, renewable fuels in heavy goods and freight transport, in aviation and in agriculture and forestry are key topics for a holistic transition to sustainable mobility. These topics will be addressed in the parallel sessions of Session 6. On Tuesday, January 23, the second day of the 21st International Conference "Fuels of the Future", four parallel sessions from 14:30 to 16:30 will deal with issues relating to research and the use of various alternative fuels. Representatives from research, industry and the ministries will have their say, as will the participants, for whom there will of course be opportunities for questions and discussions.

Session 6A will provide an overview of the energy industry and green hydrogen. Dr. Felix Matthes, Deputy Chairman of the National Hydrogen Council, Dominik Herzog from H2 Mobility Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Thijs Vanderlinden and Julie Den Dekker from ECO-RUNNER and Michael Kolbeck from TÜV SÜD Service GmbH will speak on this topic.

In Session 6B, Jörg Schneider from DB Cargo AG, Johannes Küstner from the Iveco Group, Peter Jürgens from REDCert GmbH and Simon Brück from the German Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association (DSLV) will discuss the experiences, prospects and opportunities for renewable fuels in heavy goods and freight transport in current practice and in the future.
In Session 6C, which is all about biofuels and renewable fuels in aviation, Adrian Herberger from Airbus Operations GmbH, Benedikt Wirmer from the German Fuels and Energy Association (en2x), a speaker from PwC Strategy (Germany) GmbH and Dr.-Ing. Ralph-Uwe Dietrich from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) will deal with technologies and import options for sustainable aviation fuels, corporate strategies as well as potentials and market developments.

Session 6D will deal with renewable drive energy for agriculture. Dr. Edgar Remmele from the Technology and Promotion Centre at the Competence Centre for Renewable Resources (TFZ), Henning Eckel from the Board of Trustees for Technology and Construction in Agriculture e.V. (KTBL), Andreas Schröder from John Deere GmbH & Co. KG, Leonard von Stillfried from AGCO GmbH and Alexander Bachler from the Austrian Chamber of Agriculture will be discussing possible options for action, energy self-sufficient farms, fuel cells and vegetable oils as a bridging technology.

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